Marker Drawings on Wooden Tablets

New “-spections” 2023

Emrys captures the dichotomy of intro- and extrospection in her marker drawings on wooden tablets: the moment when the world looks within and the viewer looks without. These analog images resemble digital snapshots but are created slowly and painstakingly by imbuing the wooden surface with multiple layers of different types of markers (water-based, alcohol-based, metallic and paint).

The prevalence of digital media in the lives of our adolescents creates moments of connection, isolation, inspiration and introspection. We have come into an age wherein technology has achieved epic and poetic proportions within the intimate space of a teen and their telephone. The implications of this new relationship will only be evident as this generation comes into maturity. Emrys’s current paintings express the relationship between language and images, both digital and analog, but also the new and different ways of seeing and being seen.

Extrospections & New Views (2022)

Night Walks 2021 from the series Walks and Digital Introspections during Isolated Revisted

Walks and Digital Introspections during Isolated Revisted

A Goat for Elinor, Markers on wood (2021) SOLD